Since When Is Attention Not a Valid Need? The Issue With Sleep Training

I recently saw a post on a facebook group I’m on, offering services for a “Twilight Nanny.” She stated that by 6-7 months old a baby should be sleeping through the night, with the assumption that weaning from the breast should have already occurred. If this was not the case for your family, then she could be hired to assist parents with sleep training their baby.

This ad created quite a stir on the page, with many people asking her to explain just how she could make such a statement as “Babies should be sleeping through the night by 6-7 months old.” After all, science clearly shows otherwise. It is in fact normal and healthy for babies to continue to wake during the night for many years, and in fact, most adults wake a few times during the night too.

I decided not to join the discussion, but to write this post instead.

The woman who posted the ad was clearly surprised at receiving such a negative response, and claimed that she had never had such a response to an ad before. She said that if a weaned baby was waking, it was a case of learning the difference between a cry of real need, and one of attention (which would go unanswered by the parent). And this is the point where I had real empathy for her.

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A Day In The Life of a Continuum Parenting, Unschooling Mama and Son

I’ve never written a day in the life before, mainly because our days all look very different. Sometimes they are very busy, full of noise and activity, especially if I’m childminding. Sometimes we visit a lot of friends and family during the week, other times we enjoy going into reclusive mode and just being with each other for weeks on end. But I suppose there is a certain pattern to our days. We like to sleep later than most families with young children. We like to have more activity in the morning, and quiet restful afternoons, followed by a pre dinner outing or activity. We like to take things as they come and do what we feel like doing, rather than doing what we feel we should. So I thought I would share with you what today looked like for us, so that those of you who are interested can get a look into what a day in our life entails.

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An Invitation To Play: Tea Leaves

Sometimes it is the most simple activities which result in the most engagement and imagination from children.

This was certainly the case today!

I took a simple stainless steel bowl, emptied out a selection of tea bags into it, and grabbed a selection of spoons and jars. Ta Da!

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Is This What Natural Weaning Looks Like?

If you have followed Love Parenting for a while, you’ll know that I am passionate about full term breastfeeding. If you had asked me a year ago I would have told you that I expected Little Cat to breastfeed well into childhood, guessing until around seven years old. He has always been an avid breastfeeder (as a newborn he once cluster fed for nine hours straight!) and he still adores breastfeeding more than anything in the world. But in the past six months or so we have experienced some unexpected changes to our breastfeeding relationship.

To begin with, I noticed a change in my milk production. It was still plentiful, but it had noticeably dropped from the abundant fountain of milkiness there had once been. Around this time LC’s feeds became a bit shorter, but other than that there was no change to his feeding habits.

A few months later, things began to change again. Several occurrences happened in quick succession.
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Hold On to Your Kids – Inspiring Excerpts and Review

Watch my latest video to see what I thought of Hold On to Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More Than Peers, written by Gordon Neufeld PH.D and Gabor Maté M.D.

Watch The Video Here.

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