What The Medical Professionals Won’t Tell You About Induction

I was reading an article recently written by a 38 week pregnant mother of two. She was writing about how she would be going to get a stretch and sweep the following day and had already booked in to have her induction at 40 + 1 “just in case.”

And her reasons? That it would be convenient for her to have the baby then because her parents were coming to stay that week.

Now if you have been here any length of time, you know that I don’t make it my business to judge the choices of another mother – we all have our own paths to follow. But I could not just let this go without sharing why I think this woman is making an uneducated, dangerous and frankly wrong choice about how to bring her baby into the world.

Before I get started, let me just clarify that this post is about unnecessary inductions, not inductions which are needed for valid medical reasons such as reduced movements, pre-eclampsia and other concerning issues. I understand that sometimes we as mothers have to make tough choices and compromises for the safety of our babies.

So back to the issue at hand. Inductions are now so common that we assume they are a normal part of the process. We ask each other “How long will they let you go?” and are all familiar with the fabled horror stories of what can happen to a baby if they stay “in there” too long. We are trained to believe that a baby should be here between 37 and 40 weeks and anything later than that is simply dangerous and unacceptable.

The truth is that unborn babies, just as they will after birth, all develop at different rates. Some will be ready earlier and others will come much later. Some babies will crawl at four months, others might be eight months.

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Dealing With Pre-schooler Meltdowns: Pressing The Reset Button

ID-10075518We had a major meltdown from Little Cat (3) in the woods today. We had been talking all morning about going for a walk. We had packed a picnic together. He had been excited and decided to bring his dinosaur backpack to carry the camera in so he could take photographs along the way. We arrived at the forest. He jumped out of the car and ran joyfully up a hill.

We began walking, I was soaking up the bliss of being surrounded by nature.

Then, suddenly, it all went drastically to pot. Little Cat began to cry and scream. “I don’t want to go for a walk! I’m too tired. I want to go home, I can’t do it!!!”

He got himself in such a state we thought he was going to be sick. It was a very out of character reaction from him, though this past few weeks he has been working through some really big emotions so we weren’t taken completely by surprise. There was no apparent trigger, though after a bit of reflection when it had all cooled down I think it was a combination of starting the walk with an uphill slope (all be it a gentle incline) and him knowing that there was a play area nearby which he had secretly been wanting to go on first. But at the time, we were stumped.

We walked on for a bit, we stayed calm and tried to distract him, but all the while he got more and more angry and upset. He could barely talk he was crying so hard. So we stopped, we talked about what we were doing and why. We explained how much Mummy and Daddy needed to have a walk, how we could all do with some fresh air and exercise. We cuddled, and we empathised with him, we asked him what he needed and why he was feeling so sad, yet he was still firm in his wish not to walk.

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Offended By Mothers Breastfeeding in Public? Consider This…

This article is directed towards those people who are offended when they see Mothers breastfeeding their children in public. I have been breastfeeding for nearly four years, and I have fed just about everywhere you can think of in public. From the supermarket, to the beach, to aeroplanes and restaurants, if you can take a child there, I have almost certainly fed my son there.

I have been really lucky that during this time, I have received very little negative attention and never once had anyone approach me and tell me to stop feeding my son, however, I know that there are plenty of mothers, some of my own friends included who have not been so lucky.

And so, if you have ever considered telling a Mother to stop feeding her child, or felt like it was your duty to make her stop what she was doing, I want to talk to you directly today.

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When It’s Not About You

Watch The Video Here

I’ve talked in the past about how we as parents can have a huge influence over our child’s moods. When we wake up feeling grumpy, that can have a huge effect on our child’s well being. They reflect our mood back to us ten fold and we find ourselves in a negative cycle which can be really tough to break out of.

But what about when you wake up feeling wonderful and your child still isn’t happy?

Are you to blame?

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How to Let Go of Guilt as a Parent

This is a subject I feel so strongly about. Guilt is something we all experience at some point in our parenting journey. In this video I share why we need to let that go for the sake of ourselves and our children, and how we can start doing that.

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