Dealing With Pre-schooler Meltdowns: Pressing The Reset Button

ID-10075518We had a major meltdown from Little Cat (3) in the woods today. We had been talking all morning about going for a walk. We had packed a picnic together. He had been excited and decided to bring his dinosaur backpack to carry the camera in so he could take photographs along the way. We arrived at the forest. He jumped out of the car and ran joyfully up a hill.

We began walking, I was soaking up the bliss of being surrounded by nature.

Then, suddenly, it all went drastically to pot. Little Cat began to cry and scream. “I don’t want to go for a walk! I’m too tired. I want to go home, I can’t do it!!!”

He got himself in such a state we thought he was going to be sick. It was a very out of character reaction from him, though this past few weeks he has been working through some really big emotions so we weren’t taken completely by surprise. There was no apparent trigger, though after a bit of reflection when it had all cooled down I think it was a combination of starting the walk with an uphill slope (all be it a gentle incline) and him knowing that there was a play area nearby which he had secretly been wanting to go on first. But at the time, we were stumped.

We walked on for a bit, we stayed calm and tried to distract him, but all the while he got more and more angry and upset. He could barely talk he was crying so hard. So we stopped, we talked about what we were doing and why. We explained how much Mummy and Daddy needed to have a walk, how we could all do with some fresh air and exercise. We cuddled, and we empathised with him, we asked him what he needed and why he was feeling so sad, yet he was still firm in his wish not to walk.

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Offended By Mothers Breastfeeding in Public? Consider This…

This article is directed towards those people who are offended when they see Mothers breastfeeding their children in public. I have been breastfeeding for nearly four years, and I have fed just about everywhere you can think of in public. From the supermarket, to the beach, to aeroplanes and restaurants, if you can take a child there, I have almost certainly fed my son there.

I have been really lucky that during this time, I have received very little negative attention and never once had anyone approach me and tell me to stop feeding my son, however, I know that there are plenty of mothers, some of my own friends included who have not been so lucky.

And so, if you have ever considered telling a Mother to stop feeding her child, or felt like it was your duty to make her stop what she was doing, I want to talk to you directly today.

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When It’s Not About You

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I’ve talked in the past about how we as parents can have a huge influence over our child’s moods. When we wake up feeling grumpy, that can have a huge effect on our child’s well being. They reflect our mood back to us ten fold and we find ourselves in a negative cycle which can be really tough to break out of.

But what about when you wake up feeling wonderful and your child still isn’t happy?

Are you to blame?

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How to Let Go of Guilt as a Parent

This is a subject I feel so strongly about. Guilt is something we all experience at some point in our parenting journey. In this video I share why we need to let that go for the sake of ourselves and our children, and how we can start doing that.

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How (And Why) I Night Weaned My Three Year Old With No Tears

We have had some huge changes to our breastfeeding relationship in the last 12 months. This time last year Little Cat was coming up for three years old, and was breastfeeding every twenty to thirty minutes through the day, and around 6-8 times during the night.

Then I was bitten by a tick on a walk in the woods in August, and developed symptoms of Lyme disease. This resulted in a three week course of antibiotics which had a dramatic effect on my ability to feed my son and caused me a lot of pain, which I eventually discovered was down to ductal thrush. It was 8 months before I discovered the cause of the pain, and during that time I had little choice but to start limiting feeds quite dramatically and make them much shorter than we were used to.

I did it as gently as possible and my empathetic three year old worked with me to get through the pain by accepting his less frequent feeds with grace and understanding. It was during this time that he began waking just 2-3 times at night for milk. He even went a few nights with no milk at all, and I started to get more sleep for the first time in many years.

Something which my body didn’t want to give up lightly.

So when I found the answer to my painful breasts and treated the ductal thrush, it came as quite a shock to find that Little cat began to steadily increase his feeds once again. It wasn’t long before he was waking every hour or more through the night for milk. If I refused or even asked him to stop after a long feed, he would scream and scream, becoming more angry than I have ever seen him.

Before the thrush, I coped just fine with these frequent wakings. My body had learned to adapt. But now that I had had a taste of what being rested felt like, giving it up to go back to all night feeding was not so easy.

I began to struggle with my patience during the day. I was snappy and unmotivated. I didn’t want to talk, to go to the park, to play – I just wanted to lay on the sofa and read and rest. I was struggling, and my parenting was too.

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