How to spend your time doing what you love and get rid of the bits you hate!

Life comes with highs and lows, but if you want a great life it makes sense to fill it with many more highs and far fewer lows doesn’t it? But how can we do this?

The first step is to prioritise the areas of your life that really make you smile. Maybe its playing with your children, spending time with your significant other, exercising, reading. Whatever these things may be, make these things your priority in life.

The next step is to simplify the rest of your life. Start identifying the things that really make you miserable and do something about them.

If you are constantly in conflict with your boss or your spouse, instead of letting the relationship stagnate and leaving issues unresolved, figure out what is really going on. Find a time to sit down and communicate in a non judgmental fashion. Listen to what they are saying and voice your own frustrations in a blame free way, offering options for solutions you could all be happy with.

Try to replace one thing at a time, something you hate for something you love.

And what if the thing you hate is something you really have to do? If you really cant delegate or get rid of it, the best thing you can do is to simply change your attitude about it. Try to find the positive in every thing you do.

  • If you are washing dishes focus on the feeling of the soothing hot soapy water on your hands.

  • If you are hoovering, put some music on and dance as you clean.

  • If you are woken up by your baby all night long, try and focus on enjoying the cuddles, the smell of their skin and the special moments between you. (And squeeze in a nap the next day if you can!)

  • If you have had a hard morning at work, really make the effort to switch off at lunchtime and give yourself the time to recharge. Get something delicious to eat, open a window or even better go outside and take a walk. Read a book, or even sneak off somewhere quiet for a nap. Use commuting time to listen to music you love, read a book, sing out loud or chat to random people on the train. You could meet some very fascinating people and hear some inspirational stories to start your day. Use every bit of your free time to do something you love, rather than just wasting it dreading the afternoon or zoning out looking at social networking sites. Do something refreshing and fill your time with things that fill you with happiness!

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