Trust Me, I’m A Toddler

Introducing, Trust Me, I’m a Toddler. This is a guide to anyone who wants to parent gently and peacefully through the toddler stage, creating lasting respect and acceptance within their families. It provides practical, loving and respectful solutions to the issues that parents may face during the toddler stage.


The transition from babyhood to the toddler stage is hard on most parents, and after months of meeting the few needs of your baby (milk, warmth, toileting and human contact), the addition of wants and desires to your child’s needs can leave parents confused about what to do. For parents who have been consistent in meeting their baby’s every need, it comes as a shock to realise that they can not always stop their child from expressing some strong emotions in the form of tears. It is no longer always healthy to say yes to their every desire – “Oh but Mummy, I want to run across this motorway!” and this is the time where boundaries will be set. One of the subjects I write about in this guide is how to set boundaries fairly, and ensure your child knows that they are still just as loved.

This guide will take you through the common (and not so common!) issues parents face when their crawling baby becomes a curious toddler, and starts voicing their own ideas! It will provide you with the tools to not only cope with each situation, but to build a stronger, closer relationship between you both, and a more loving and accepting family unit. You don’t have to declare war on your child, each day does not have to be filled with nagging, tantrums and tears.

I firmly believe that our children are worthy of our trust and our respect, and in giving this to our children unconditionally, they will prove this to be the case. Evolution has not designed us as a species to be constantly in conflict with our children. The conventional rules of parenting have led us down the wrong path.

Its time we got back to the simple and harmonious parenting nature intended.


Why are the two’s so terrible anyway?
Enabling independence
Moving away from control, towards guidance
Separation anxiety and returning to the work place
Mine, yours and ours – Toddlers CAN share
Brushing teeth
Bedtime and Naps
My toddler wont eat!
Breastfeeding Through The Toddler Stage
Dealing with strong emotions -Tantrums and meltdowns
The huge disadvantages to the time out method
Say you’re Sorry!
The truth about physical punishment
Alternatives to traditional discipline
Language and labels
Meeting your own needs
Trust your child, trust yourself