Another challenge – This time IT’S A BIG ONE!

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A while ago I wrote a post about my goal to go a week without watching TV. After the initial build up, I found it surprisingly easy, and although it’s been several months since the challenge, I am still feeling the effects now. I have a few programmes that I enjoy watching, but once they are over, the TV goes off. The whole act of watching TV is much more mindful now. I can no longer cope with watching it for the sake of it, and I don’t enjoy having trash on in the background anymore.

When I wrote this post I got so many shares, facebook comments and emails from people saying that they could easily go a week without turning on the box, but they couldn’t do the same for the internet. We are becoming a society of social networking addicts, and so many of us earn our living from being online that its often difficult to avoid. But speaking for myself –  along with working and being productive, there is also an awful lot of time spent procrastinating, surfing, networking and altogether, living in a world which takes me away from whats really important:

This moment. My family.

So guess what. Its time for a challenge. My husband is off work for the next week, (well actually two, but lets not get crazy!!) and I will be offline for the next seven days. No internet whatsoever. Not only that but I’m switching off my phone to be used in case of emergencies only. So no checking email, no facebook, no reading blogs, none of it.

We are going to have a family adventure and I want to be there to enjoy it rather than thinking of my next status update.

So, how about it, are you in?


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One thought on “Another challenge – This time IT’S A BIG ONE!”

  1. What a wonderful idea!

    I thought we watched a lot of tv in our home (we have several favourite shows we tape to watch when the kids are in bed). But listening to the “water cooler” chat at work I realized recently that there is a lot I don’t see and am unaware of because we do not have the tv on mindlessly for background noise. The internet, however, yes, guilty as charged. I might shrivel up and die (kidding) if it went away (what did I do before Pinterest, I ask?).

    This past summer we went on one of our beloved camping trips, the real kind with tents, campfires, pit toilets and no wireless access. I wondered how I would do without Facebook, Instagram, twitter, gmail. I did use my phone to take pictures and my husband had to drive to an area where wifi worked and check in (elderly parents with health issues), but otherwise nothing. I thought it would be harder than it was. Truly it was blissful and very freeing to be out of contact. So much so that when we returned I waited several days before plugging in again. But then the lure of the internet pulled me back in.

    So I know that I could do it again, which made me feel good.

    Have a wonderful vacation!

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