Another Shortage In Baby Formula – Are We Giving Away Our Power?

As news breaks that yet again formula milk is being panic bought in our UK supermarkets, (the last incident being just a few months back when several popular brands of comfort milk became unavailable due to a shortage in ingredients) I am left wondering how the parents who rely on this product must feel?

Formula is currently being rationed in supermarkets, due to people bulk buying in order to export to China and make a profit. These occurrences seem to be piling up, and as a mother, I imagine I would be feeling a great sense of unease about the future and how I might feed my baby if these incidents were to become more extreme, if I were relying on the availability of formula.

Regular readers will know by now that I am a full term breastfeeding mum, and this news doesn’t affect me personally. But I can’t help but empathise with these poor parents who are continuously having to worry about their baby’s food supply.

It seems crazy to me that for most formula feeding mothers, it was a choice, not a necessity to bottle feed their babies. That they had access to this most wonderful, nutritional, accessible, and most importantly free and unlimited food, yet they chose to give away their power and hand over the decision of their babies source of food to the manufacturers and the governments.

Nature has kitted us out with all we need, and if all but those select few who simply cannot feed their children, were to shun the formula companies and rely on their own bodies to provide milk for their babies, then these situations just wouldn’t happen. Up until very recently, China was predominately a breastfeeding country, and I’m struggling to understand why they are now so determined to move in to the bottle feeding culture. It seems to me that pressure and advertising are really having a strong affect on all of the cultures involved. We are led to believe that formula is easier, more convenient and nutritionally equal to breastfeeding. This is just not the case.

Perhaps as the rationing of formula milk breaks news again and again, mothers will be inspired to take back their power and use the tools they already have within themselves to nurture their babies.


I would love to hear your thoughts on the latest news regarding formula milk. Are you being affected by the rationing?

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3 thoughts on “Another Shortage In Baby Formula – Are We Giving Away Our Power?”

  1. It is indeed shocking the the massive multi national companies have this power – but also that formula feeding mothers have given it to them. What saddens me is that developing countries see all these Western mothers using formula and think it must be the best option, so mothers in China and across Africa are spending money they often can not afford to keep up with their Western counterparts.

    1. I know, it’s so scary to think that some mothers scrip and save every penny to be able to afford formula, their milk dries up, their money runs out and they are left with nothing. These companies really need to take responsibility for themselves!

  2. I am also a EBF mom. I absolutely agree that our culture is OBSESSED with advertisment. It has oozed it’s way into everything we see and do. Unfortunately, many people will purchase things just because of an ad. The shame is since breastmilk is virtually free, it will never get advertised near as much as a money making product. That’s why as mothers, I feel it’s our responsibility to share the superpowers of breastmilk in hopes it will become a more used necessity. Great article, looking forward to reading more of your posts.

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