How To Cope With New Parent Exhaustion

When a new baby comes in to your family, the sudden impact on your usual sleep habits can come as a huge shock. It is not uncommon for parents to feel totally exhausted and too fatigued to continue on in their regular routines.

Many experience feeling burned out and are surprised at how much of a struggle parenting this tiny little person can be.

In this short video, I share my top four pieces of advice that really made a huge amount of difference to me in those early days.

You can watch the video here!


Are you in the newborn stage and struggling with the lack of sleep? What are you doing to maximise your rest and meet your own needs?

Leave me a comment below and if you know a new parent who could really make use of the advice in this video, why not send them an email sharing a link to it with them? It could really make a difference to them!

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