Trust Me, I’m A Toddler – Giveaway!

Trust Me, I'm A ToddlerMy book, Trust Me, I’m A Toddler, is finally available in paperback in addition to the pdf and kindle versions.

In celebration of this I have decided to give away two paperback copies to two of my readers!

Enter here to be in with a chance of winning one of two copies of Trust Me, I’m A Toddler –

To be entered in to the draw, simply follow the blog at the foot of this page, then like the facebook page via the link above and follow the instructions to enter! Easy!

Trust Me, I’m a Toddler is a guide to anyone who wants to parent gently and peacefully through the toddler stage, creating lasting respect and acceptance within their families. It provides practical, loving and respectful solutions to the issues that parents may face during the toddler stage.

This book covers subjects from biting and sharing, to tantrums and separation anxiety. It will help parents to move away from conventional parenting techniques which damage the parent child relationship, instead focusing on alternative ideas and tools that strengthen your bond with your child.

Often parents find that after the simplicity of attachment and continuum parenting in the first year, the issues that come up in the toddler stage can cause complications and uncertainty within their parenting.

Parents tend to take a number of different paths at this time, and this guide is intended to help you stay on track and continue to parent gently, respect your child’s needs, and help to make the journey through toddlerhood smooth and enjoyable rather than something to endure.

I firmly believe that our children are worthy of our trust and our respect, and that in giving this to our children unconditionally, they will prove us right. Evolution has not designed us as a species to be constantly in conflict with our children. The conventional rules of parenting have led us down the wrong path.

It’s time we got back to the simple and harmonious parenting nature intended.

Enter here to be in with a chance of winning one of two copies of Trust Me, I’m A Toddler –

If you want the book right now you can purchase your own copy via or!


If you know someone who would love a copy of this book, why not forward them a link to this post so they can have a chance of winning their own copy too!

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