Forget Attachment Parenting – Do This Instead…

Earth mother, Attachment parent, Continuum parent, Conscious parenting, Mindful parenting…

There are so many movements, labels and styles of parenting around these days, and they are all doing wonders for our children as we bring back the natural parenting practices that enable our children to thrive. But these labels can also be intimidating to mothers not in the “natural parenting” crowd.

They can even seem alienating and cliquey, so for mothers who have heard these labels and have made the decision to steer well clear, thinking we are all some kind of perfectionist super Mama’s, I want to let you in on a little secret….

You may be more of an Attachment Parent than you think!

Let me break down for you what we really do:

  • We respect our children
  • We follow their lead when it comes to food, sleep and things that concern them
  • We talk to them and set boundaries
  • We discuss and role model, rather than punish and reward
  • We make mistakes
  • Then we apologise for them
  • We listen to them
  • We trust them
  • We love them unconditionally

I’m willing to bet that if you though you were nothing like us weird Attachment/Continuum/Conscious/Earth mama/Natural parenting types, you might be realising that we aren’t so different after all, am I right?

The labels are great when they work for you, but just like anything in life, you don’t have to tick all the boxes to qualify as the perfect parent. What works for your family, might not work for the next, but there are a few key aspects that can make the difference between joyful parenting and happy children, or stressed out parents in constant conflict with their offspring.


When it comes down to it, we all have one thing in common. We know what it feels like to have *our hearts go walking around outside our bodies, and we wouldn’t change it for the world.

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*Taken from a quote by Elizabeth Stone

One thought on “Forget Attachment Parenting – Do This Instead…”

  1. I find in so many of the mothering groups out there I am a part of, there is a big emphasis on labels and a fear of absolutes in “natural parenting”and it causes so many arguments in the community of mothers when someone mistakes something that is said. I wish the labels could be erased and we could just realize that we are all in this for the sane reason. To raise amazing children. Thank you for this post!

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