The Weird Things Breastfeeding Toddlers Say!

I have been breastfeeding my son for two years, seven months (and counting!) and during that time I have built up quite a collection of funny phrases that he says frequently in relation to nursing.

Since we have had a few text heavy posts lately I thought I would take this opportunity to have a light-hearted week and share my sons funniest and strangest sayings for your amusement…

  • I’m going to eat that nipple!
  • I want a milk please, I need to milk the rice away – (he means he needs to rinse his mouth!)
  • That ones all empty now.
  • Squeeze it in my mouth please!
  • I need a Daddy milk! – (Before miming eating chickpeas out of Daddy’s jumper.)
  • Just a quick milk purlease!!
  • That nipple is not working now!
  • Mummy, I did lick that milk.
  • Lift it into my mouth please.
  • I need a milk on the rocking chair/ in the bath/ on this sofa here/ on the table.
  • Mummy, put the milk away now, I’m all finished.
  • Mummy, don’t hide that milk!


Just a little sample of the kind of conversations that can be heard daily in my home.

What is the funniest or strangest thing your child has said to you about breastfeeding?

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4 thoughts on “The Weird Things Breastfeeding Toddlers Say!”

  1. I get “beebee is hiding” if my top is getting in the way and she expresses varying degrees in her desire for milk: just plain ‘milk’; then ‘milk, milk’; and finally ‘MALK!!’

  2. “Empty in that milk – more in *that* milk!”
    “Two milks at home” (I started this – my plan was to avoid having “two milks” out wherever we happen to be, by explaining that we only have “two milks” at home. My plan wasn’t to ALWAYS have two milks out at home though!!)
    And the word itself has gone from the “milk” sign to “nulk” to “maaowk” to “milk”
    Also loved it when I asked her if she kept swapping sides all the time because it comes out faster and then when it stops a bit she goes to the other side again, and she looked at me like she knew exactly what I meant and gave me a massive cheeky grin. Chasing the letdown reflex for an easy life! 🙂

  3. My son points to a side and says, “this side”, smacks his lips and smiles, and says “mmmmm nurse” before latching. It’s so cute and funny. He will be 3yo in 2 months and I began weaning 2 days ago. I hope I never forget these funny moments between us. I’ve loved nursing my toddler and seeing how happy it makes him. Weaning is bitter-sweet.

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