What’s In Little Cat’s Stocking?

This year we have decided to do a stocking for Little Cat (who is now three years old) and to begin with I really struggled with what to put in it. I don’t like buying for the sake of buying and a lot of the stocking fillers I have seen would be played with for five minutes before being forgotten and ignored. I also don’t like overwhelming him with stuff and I think it is important that he values what he has, so with that in mind I chose a few small gifts that I know he will get hours of use out of. The stocking is from us, not Father Christmas / Santa as we prefer to be honest with him.

Finger puppets – These are so cute and make the perfect stocking filler. LC is just starting to really enjoy puppets, so although these are fun for young babies to watch and sing with, I think he will definitely enjoy these.

Paint, rollers, sponges – Up until recently LC has been very firm in his wish to paint ONLY with brushes. He never liked finger painting, and was only mildly interested in leaf painting. This past month or so he has really started to enjoy experimenting more and is spending a lot of time immersed in craft activities. He has begun climbing up on the shelf to get his tray of water colours down, which he then spends ages painting with. I thought this set with different sponges and rollers might be just right for him to continue experimenting with.

The Biggest Bed in the World – I am always looking for new books for LC and we spend a lot of time reading together. This book features co-sleeping in the family bed and breastfeeding, and it very sweet indeed. I can’t wait to read it with him!

Postman Pat and The Greendale Rocket – Postman Pat and a train. Some of Little Cats most FAVOURITE THINGS EVER! Need I say more??

And that’s it. For his main present he has a big box of diggers, cranes, cement mixers and the like, which I got second hand from ebay. I had to fight with myself over that one – my ideal is beautiful wooden toys, but I decided to get him what I know he really wants rather than what I would prefer to look at.

So what’s going in your child’s stocking this year?

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9 thoughts on “What’s In Little Cat’s Stocking?”

  1. I like to get handmade wooden toys on etsy. And then there are the diggers and duplos from the more typical sources. It sounds like your boy is as much a fan of vehicles as is mine. I got him the amazing machines set of books from amazon.com. We already have “terrific trains” and he really enjoys it, I’ve noticed that he takes to books that have a nice rhythm and some rhyme and these do. Wishing you and yours a merry season!

    1. Ha ha, what a coincidence! We just discovered “Amazing machines” last week and I feel like I have read it about 100 times since then – he loves it! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. I need to get that ‘biggest bed’ book! Lots of our bedtime books (given as gifts to us) feature little ones being tucked in to their own beds, but we bed-share with our 2-year-old. Thanks for sharing this list!

    1. Yes, co sleeping ones are so hard to find aren’t they? LC has developed quite an interest in cots and how they work since reading about a baby sleeping in one. When we were given one in a hotel last year he was completely fascinated with it and wanted to go in it- the novelty wore off by bedtime though! 😉 Merry Christmas!

  3. I am fighting myself on DDs gifts (3 yrs) as well. Fisher Price princess plastic castle vs Melissa and Doug Wooden castle. We went with wood but now I think I’ve made a grave mistake. I know she would prefer the princess one since she has the princesses to go with it. (sigh) Any advice?

    1. It’s difficult isn’t it? For me, with any big or more expensive toys I always went with wood because it’s usually better quality and will last longer, and also I don’t feel that brightly coloured plastic is great for creating the calm and natural environment I aim for. With smaller things that will not be out all the time, I don’t mind plastic (in moderation!) I hope she loves her castle! Merry Christmas!

      1. Thank you for helping me ease my mama-guilt! I think you make a good point about the big things being wood and the smaller pieces and toys being any material. She is getting a plastic Cinderella in her stocking. These are always in the checkout lines at the store and she loves them. :))

  4. We don’t do stockings, seems a bit excessive. But we do advent calendar with small chocolates and gifts, it feels like same kind of thing, except spread out in time. This year under the tree present is wooden IKEA kitchen. Not cheap, but feels right for once a year gift. I swear it actually looks better than m kitchen 🙂

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