10 Inspirational Natural Parenting Blogs Not To Miss in 2014

I love finding new blogs that inspire gentle and natural parenting approaches, and I’m sure many of you feel the same. So with that in mind I am dedicating this post to sharing some of the blogs and facebook pages I have found to be hugely inspiring and informative on the subject of natural parenting.

In no particular order…

1. Free Range Learning/Laura Grace Weldon. A blog featuring natural parenting with an emphasis on nature, the outdoors and as the title suggests, Free Range Learning. My favourite of her posts is The Boy With No Toys. Visit her blog here LauraGraceWeldon.com and her facebook page here.

2. Peaceful Parenting. Covering everything from circumcision and breastfeeding to sleep training, discipline and traditional parenting practices, this blog is a great source of information for parents wanting to treat their children respectfully. There is a strong focus on research based posts which inform on the benefits of natural parenting and serve to empower parents in making informed choices. Visit the blog at www.DrMomma.org and the facebook page here.

3. The Natural Child Project. With a whole host of well thought out and informative articles, the Natural Child Project is one of my go to blogs. Articles are written by a variety of parenting experts and cover attachment parenting, unschooling, child advocacy, sleep and breastfeeding. Visit the blog at www.naturalchild.org and the facebook page here.

4. Free Your Kids. Anarchy, unschooling and a respect for children which shines through in every post – I can’t help but love Free Your Kids! It is written mostly by the Daddy of the family – Big Daddy – though Mama Bear makes an occasional appearance. The posts are great for getting you really thinking and questioning all that you think you believe. Go and check out the blog at www.freeyourkidsblog.com and the facebook page here.

5. Aha Parenting. Dr Laura Markham offers practical and gentle parenting advice for children of all ages. With a focus on discipline solutions that are respectful to children, she gives parents just what they need to move forward into more connected and loving relationships with their children. Read her blog at www.ahaparenting.com
and check out her facebook page here.

6. Hands Free Mama. I just love the message this blog shares with its readers. Put down your phone, turn off the computer, your children are growing up and you are missing it! I love the call to mindful parenting. Rachel writes inspirational posts on what really matters in life. Visit her blog at www.handsfreemama.com and check out her facebook page here.

7. Evolutionary Parenting. As the title suggests, this blog is all about supporting parents in doing the best for their babies by parenting as evolution intended. Tracy Cassels writes informative, fact based articles on topics from birth and newborn sleep, to education and discipline. Go and visit her blog at www.evolutionaryparenting.com and visit her facebook page here.

8. Our Muddy Boots. Beautiful, loving and gentle articles about this Mother’s journey from mainstream to attachment parenting. Jennifer Andersen writes from the heart and you can’t help but be inspired by her words. A must read for parents on every stage of their journey! Visit her blog at www.ourmuddyboots.com and go and check out the facebook page here.

9. The Mother Magazine. Not just a wonderful continuum/attachment parenting magazine, but a valuable blog supporting parents in raising children as naturally as possible. Find articles on everything from conscious conception, free birth and vaccination, to raising children in tune with their natural environment. This is a long time favourite of mine, and has recently changed hands from the creator and previous editor Veronika Sophia Robinson to the new editor Starr Meneely . From her past articles in the magazine, I have no doubt that The Mother Magazine is still in very safe hands. Visit the blog at www.themothermagazine.co.uk and check out the facebook page here. 

10. Enjoy Parenting. Completely in line with continuum parenting, Scott Noelle is a parenting coach and writer who believes that children are innately good and trustworthy beings. His articles are a valuable resource to parents who want to raise their children with love, authenticity and respect for their needs. He runs a daily newsletter, The Daily Groove, which sends subscribers a short and inspirational message excerpted from his book. Visit his website at www.enjoyparenting.com and check out some of his articles here.

Go and have a browse and follow these fantastic blogs and pages, I’m sure you will see plenty you like!


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