An Invitation To Play: Tea Leaves

Sometimes it is the most simple activities which result in the most engagement and imagination from children.

This was certainly the case today!

I took a simple stainless steel bowl, emptied out a selection of tea bags into it, and grabbed a selection of spoons and jars. Ta Da!

The tea bags I used were ginger, peppermint, black tea and green tea, and the combination of smells and textures made for a wonderful sensory experience. The children loved smelling the contents of the bowl, noticing all the different colours of the various teas, before diving in to scoop, mix, touch and sprinkle.

They began by scooping with small spoons into a jar, before sprinkling the “mixture” on the grass for the ants, and finally exploring it in great depth with their hands, remarking at the lovely smell on their skin. Little Cat particularly enjoyed sprinkling it on to his bare feet!



A perfect activity for exploring in the garden!


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