A Day In The Life of a Continuum Parenting, Unschooling Mama and Son

I’ve never written a day in the life before, mainly because our days all look very different. Sometimes they are very busy, full of noise and activity, especially if I’m childminding. Sometimes we visit a lot of friends and family during the week, other times we enjoy going into reclusive mode and just being with each other for weeks on end. But I suppose there is a certain pattern to our days. We like to sleep later than most families with young children. We like to have more activity in the morning, and quiet restful afternoons, followed by a pre dinner outing or activity. We like to take things as they come and do what we feel like doing, rather than doing what we feel we should. So I thought I would share with you what today looked like for us, so that those of you who are interested can get a look into what a day in our life entails.

Wake up at 9.20am after a very restful nights sleep, and feel Little Cat stirring beside me. Last night was the first night in a week that we didn’t have some tears from LC. I am finding night-time feeding especially painful at the moment and having to cut feeds short or refuse entirely, which has been so hard for Little Cat. Last night my body gave us a blessed break and we were able to have several feeds and quickly fall back into a deliciously deep sleep after each one! Bliss!

LC spots my eyes are open and is immediately in full wake up mode. It’s amazing how quickly he can go from sleep to wake, whereas I need a little while to accept the daytime. He begins telling me about his dream and we chat and doze for a while in bed as I wake up slowly. Little Cat gets out of bed to pull the curtains – Sunshine – Yay!

While I brush my teeth LC arrives in the bathroom naked – he has undressed himself and is telling me which clothes he is choosing today. This is a very rare occurrence, as he usually prefers me to do it for him, so I am surprised! He rushes off and calls a few moments later – he is stuck and needs my help. Off I go.

While I get dressed he begins looking for something in “his room” (the room where we keep his toys and clothes). He finds his marble run and pulls it out from under the bed. We decide to bring it downstairs and look at it after breakfast as we are both getting hungry.

He potters about while I make breakfast, then comes in to see what’s taking so long and to help. He carries off his plate and sits at his little picnic bench table where he likes to eat his breakfast and lunch. We both eat quietly and then he goes off to play in the front room. I finish my morning cup of hot water (I LOVE starting the day with hot water!) and go and join him, leaving the plates on the table.

The Lego is still all over the carpet from his and daddy’s building last night, so we tidy it up together and then get to work on the (oh so complicated) marble run. It takes a long time to build, but that’s most of the fun and Little Cat proclaims himself the “Very important tester” and helps me see where we have missed important parts by dropping the marbles down the ramps. This takes about 40 minutes, but in the end we bodge it together enough that I am happy to call it a success. I leave him to play with it while I go and tidy up the breakfast stuff and do the washing up.

Little Cat comes into the kitchen as I am getting the guinea pigs out, and he gives them a stroke before I pop them in the run. Next doors little boy, who is also three, is playing in his back garden, so Little Cat stays out to chat to him and they pass things back and forth over the low wall and play together. I start cleaning the guinea pigs hutch out and LC wanders between me and his friend, occasionally sweeping and helping before going off to play again.

Once the hutch is clean I get ready to do some planting in the garden. LC is very excited as he loves a bit of gardening, and tells his friend that he has got to go and plant some seeds now. He rushes to get our gardening gloves and happily pats the soil and collects pots as we plant seeds for spinach, cucumber, pak choi, strawberries and peas! He loves sprinkling the seeds in the little holes and watering them with his little watering can. I sweep up in the garden while he investigates the roll of cling film we have used to cover the pots, and then we go inside to make lunch.

After a quick lunch we bring the guinea pigs inside and then head into the shade of the living room for our quiet time. It’s now 2pm and we tend to find that by this time every day we are both in need of a rest. I lay down to read a book and Little Cat gets out his singing marble tree to play with that. After half an hour or so I feel sleepy so put down the book and have a doze. Little Cat comes and lays down with me, and has a quiet rest while I catch 40 winks. (For the record it is a very rare day that I have an afternoon nap – I usually just rest and read – But I was in need of a catch up today!)

When I wake, Little Cat is still laying on the sofa with me, happily playing a game involving a blanket. I offer him a story but he says he would prefer one I make up, about one of his toys. I ask him to tell me what would happen in the story and what it is about, and he comes up with ideas which I turn in to funny stories for him. We both fall into fits of giggles as we come up with sillier and sillier ideas.

Then it’s time to get moving again. Daddy gets home and we all get into the car so they can drop me off at my doctors appointment. Daddy and LC go for a walk while I’m in there, and then they drop me off back at home so that I can do some writing (this!) while they head off to make the most of the sunshine at the park.

When they get back I will cook, though Daddy does this frequently too, and we’ll eat around half seven, and then Little Cat will come up to start getting ready for bed. Daddy and I alternate bedtime and it is his turn tonight, so I will clean up the kitchen and then relax!

So that was today, I would love to know how you spent the day, I’m always fascinated to get an insight into another family’s rhythms and routines.


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