It’s Time To Take a Stand Against the Everyday Violence for Entertainment Against Children

I cannot believe I used to watch programmes like Supernanny for entertainment! I just caught a clip of her teaching the time out method to a confused and trusting parent, and I am literally shaking. I feel so sick at the way those poor children were treated, like dogs being trained, talked down to, controlled, ruled over like second class citizens, with no empathy or love for them in the actions used against them. The fear on the children’s faces was so clear and so desperate.

Yet when I used to watch Supernanny, I never saw it. I was so desensitised to the pain those children were going through. I saw what they told me to see – Naughty children, bad children, out of control children. I realise now that I was absorbing the messages they (and the whole of society) were pushing on all of us. But it is a message that lies to us all. When I watch now I see fearful children, desperate for connection and understanding, cowering under the angry and single minded goals of those adults who should be their trusted port of call. I see it all so clearly now.

If you are still watching TV programmes like this, look closer. Don’t listen to what they want you to hear, but see what’s really going on. I wouldn’t treat a rabid dog the way these people are treating children. We wouldn’t stand for it if our elderly members of society were treated like this. We wouldn’t stand for it if people with disabilities were treated like this. We wouldn’t stand for it if our husbands and wives, friends, partners, or even our enemies had endured such disrespect, such suffering in the care of those people who should be protecting them. It is discrimination of the cruellest kind, because these small people are utterly dependent and incapable of standing up for themselves.

It is not right, it is not fair and it has GOT to stop. Open your eyes to the violence that is portrayed as entertainment, and take a stand against it.


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6 thoughts on “It’s Time To Take a Stand Against the Everyday Violence for Entertainment Against Children”

  1. I totally agree. I used to watch these shows before I had kids and I never really saw how harsh they truly are. Now that I have kids of my own I can’t stomach them.

  2. I absolutely agree. Before I had my little girl I could watch programmes like supernanny and just think that these were naughty children. Now I see with different eyes. I’m totally bemused with many parenting strategies such as the naughty step, cry it out, self sooth etc.. Even my own mother in law suggested I should let my baby cry more, she believed we were tending to her needs to quickly; suggesting our baby was scheming toward a power trip!
    There is so little understanding even misunderstanding toward child development that we see programs such as supernanny blatantly giving the wrong advice. I too can’t watch, poor kiddies 😦

  3. You’re completely right. To me it just shows how wide the gap is between physical discipline and peaceful, connective parenting. Great post! I am slowly realizing how often this kind of distortion takes place in media of all kinds, sending all kinds of messages about how things should be and what you should do. (Or what you should buy!) It’s interesting to me that as an adult its taken awhile to see some things as they really are, and yet these kinds of messages are pumped into children without a second thought. It’s sad really and I wonder how different things might be if people weren’t so manipulated.

  4. I completely agree with you too,it s no our society is how it is,filled with angry and neurotic people,this is not s good way to start life,this program is a disgrace i don t know if that woman has children i sincerely hope not. These Poor little kiddies are completely disconnected from their parents,since have kids become the ennemies?! it s sad really.

  5. Couldnt agree more, I tried the naughty step a couple of times with my daughter and it was just soooo wrong, for both of us, so I made up my own technique called the ‘calm corner’ it worked like a treat, for both of us (we sat there together). I hope you dont mind, i have nominated you for a liebster award, you can find out more about it on my post I hope you can take part to help promote your blog x

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