40 Ways To Connect With Your Child Right Now

1. Read a story

2. Make eye contact

3. Listen to them talk about their interests

4. Share a sweet story from their baby days with them

5. Talk to them about one of your passions

6. Go for a slow walk around the neighbourhood, with no destination in mind

7. Turn off your phone and don’t pick it up again for an hour

8. Paint together

9. Share a bath

10. Have a dance off!

11. Blow bubbles

12. Do a puzzle

13. Ask about their dreams

14. Share yours!

15. Make a den under the table and whisper to each other while you’re hiding there

16. Get in bed and read stories

17. Do yoga together

18. Plant seeds

19. Bake a cake

20. Give them a massage

21. Brush their hair gently. Ask them to do yours.

22. Sing “This little piggy” on their toes and “Round and round the garden” on their hands.

23. Smile

24. Listen fully and ask questions about what they are saying

25. Make a poster of all the things you love about each other. Run out of paper before you run out of ideas!

26. Go swimming

27. Challenge yourself to do something new together – ice skating, rowing, whatever! Enjoy the experience and make a memory!

28. Do something totally spontaneous

29. Say “I love you.”

30. Stay up late to lay outside under the stars, cuddled up under a blanket

31. Make hot chocolate and drink it together by candlelight

32. Teach them a skill of yours

33. Ask for their help, and then be patient when they work at their own pace

34. Go on a picnic

35. Sit together in silence, enjoying one another’s company with no distractions

36. Do something just because it is kind, without asking for anything in return

37. Look at their baby photos together

38. Share stories and photographs from your youth

39. Tell them how you felt when you first held them in your arms

40. Ask them how they would like to spend the day and then do it, throwing yourself into their plan with enthusiasm and joy!


What can you add to the list?


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