How to Raise Helpful, Hard working Children

In this new video I share my thoughts on how to raise helpful, hardworking children, and explain how I get my three year old to do the hoovering for me!

Watch the video here.



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One thought on “How to Raise Helpful, Hard working Children”

  1. my son started helping me load and unload the washing machine from 8 months, empty the dishwasher from 9 months. He put his washing in the washing basket from walking (11 months) and regularly hoovers from 14 months. He gets things from the supermarket shelves (I usually put them on the bottom shelf for him to pick up and then take them to the trolly), unloads the trolly on to the counter with me. He presses buttons everywhere (lift buttons, ATM buttons, POS buttons), takes the card out of the machine (was doing this from 6 months). He put money in the collection tins at playgroups from 10 months, he hands over money and receives change in small shops……It all really enriches his world, helps him to understand that there are appropriate actions so that when you explain e.g. we don’t need that so don’t touch it or we haven’t bought that so don’t put it in your mouth etc, he gets it and co-operates, makes boring things like shopping more interesting and as he gets better at it all, is actually helpful!

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