Conversations With a Three Year Old: The Human Body, Death and Energy…

My three year old son – nicknamed Little Cat for the purpose of the internet – instigates some very deep conversations as he tries to find the answers to his many questions about life and the world around him. I thought I would share this one we had this morning with you.

“Do I have blood under my skin Mummy?”
“Yes, you do.”
“Why do I?”
“It helps your body to work, it flows around to all of your organs.”
“Do you have it?”
“And Lucy?”
“Yes, every person has blood.”
“Even when you die?”
“To begin with, but then it dries up.”
“Why does it?”
“Because our bodies don’t need it once we’re dead.”
“I don’t want to die. I want to just keep living forever.” He looks down sadly.
“Well baby, do you know, your body is filled with energy at the moment. When you die, your body will be gone, but your energy will be given back to the earth. Your energy will live on forever!”
Looks up curiously. “What is energy?”
“You know that feeling when we meditate, when you feel that calm, buzzy feeling?”
He nods. “Yes!”
“That’s your energy.”
Pauses while he thinks.
“Does your energy go around your whole body?”
“Yes, that’s why it’s important to meditate and get that calm feeling. When you feel calm you send healing, calming energy around your body and that helps to keep you healthy. When you feel stressed you send that to your body and it makes you feel tense all over. That’s not good for you. It’s nicer to have the peaceful energy isn’t it?”
“Yes it it.” Closes his eyes. “I can feel it Mummy. It feels nice. Where will my energy go?”
“ It might become the grass, or the trees, or the stars in the sky. It might become a new life, a bird or a baby or something else.”
“I don’t want to be a bird.”
“What do you want to be?”
“I want to be a boy.”
“Then you will be a boy. You get to choose where you send your energy.”
“I want to be a boy who lives forever and ever.”



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3 thoughts on “Conversations With a Three Year Old: The Human Body, Death and Energy…”

  1. It s really lovely!and yes a good explanation for adults too!beautiful.I would also love to hear about the meditation with your toddler, my toddler can get quiet intense when she feels threatened or stressed and I would love to teach her to find a way to be calm in these situations.

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