12 Little Ways You’re Getting It Right as a Parent

We parents can be harsh on ourselves sometimes, and so often we have a tendency to focus on where we’re going wrong. This can be useful if we think of constructive ways to improve and do better for our children, but more often than not, it pulls us into a guilt trip that makes us forget the great parent we are the majority of the time, and how much effort we put into getting it right for our children.

So in this post I want to give you some reasons to remind you exactly why YOU ARE a great parent. Don’t ever forget it!

1. You listen to the baby over the book. The book says they should be sleeping through the night, they should be down to four hourly feeds. You don’t care. You listen to your baby and give them what they need.

2. You always make connection your priority. Yes you may be busy and rushing around trying to meet everyone’s needs and keep your head above water, but when your child asks for a hug, you stop what you are doing, give them your eye contact and cuddle them tight as you tell them just how much you love them.

3. You treat child with respect. You speak kind words to them, you value their words and you treat them with the respect that you hope they will return to you.

4. You love your child unconditionally. NOTHING they can do will make you love them less. And most importantly, they know this and rest in your love, even when things are going badly.

5. When they make a mistake, you don’t make it worse by telling them “I told you so,” or punishing them. Instead, you talk about what happened and how things could go differently next time.

6. You set boundaries fairly but confidently. You never make rules for the sake of it, but those you do have are there for the well-being of your child, their home or the family as a whole. You explain these fairly and empathetically, while remaining firm in their necessity.

7. You don’t rush your child into meeting milestones before they are ready. You accept their own individual pace and focus on what they CAN do rather than pointing out what they can’t yet manage.

8. You stand up for your child when people talk down to them. You would never dream of laughing along while someone mocks or embarrasses them. You show your child that no matter what, you are always on their side.

9. You listen when they talk. You don’t just nod and smile. You really listen.

10. You spend quality time together. Eating as a family, reading together, walking together, just being together. You enjoy each others company and get to know each other all the more during these special family times.

11. You take an interest in their interests. Yes their obsession with frog spawn or glow worms may not be THAT fascinating to you, but you don’t let that show. They are interested, so you listen, learn and join their excitement as they talk about what really matters to them, even if it changes week by week.

12. Whatever the day has held for you, no matter what stresses and strains, you always make time to reconnect before bedtime. You end the day telling your child how much you love them and giving them a warm hug, sending them off to sleep feeling safe, warm and loved.


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