Katie Hopkins – Your Views On Breastfeeding Don’t Offend Me

It seems not a week goes by before we see more hate filled judgement emerging from reality star Katie Hopkins.

This week, it just so happens she has targeted her venom towards breastfeeding mothers, with tweets such as:

“When your waters burst, write ‘piss off nipple nazis’ on your tits. Just to remind yourself of what the stronger, sane you used to think.”

“Women have the right to breast feed. But they don’t have the right to put everyone else off having milk in their tea. Put it away girls”

“Free to feed protest tomorrow. Expect the mammary militia out in force. Stand firm @ClaridgesHotel. Their sort shouldn’t be free to breed.”

Today, I was asked by a fellow natural parent if I was angry at her words or offended by her stance.

And I had to reply with a resounding “No.”

I breastfed my son for just short of four years, and intend to breastfeed my daughter (due next Spring) full term too.

That same four your old still sleeps in our bed and will not be attending school, quite probably ever.

There are several aspects of my parenting style which I’m sure Katie Hopkins would love to tear apart. But unfortunately, her opinion doesn’t matter one bit to me. The decisions I have made for my child stem from years of research and reading. I am 100% confident in the choices we as a family have made.

Anyone with two braincells to rub together will agree that breast milk is indeed the optimum option for a child, and I have no doubt that if Katie Hopkins dedicated more of her time to reading and less to spewing hate, she would soon eat her words.

However, I can’t be angry at her. How could I? Someone so filled with hate and spite, who can’t bear to agree to disagree, must not only be terribly insecure in her own parenting choices – Why else would she feel the need to defend them so aggressively? – but on top of that, must also be so deeply filled with hurt.

When we hurt inside, we lash out at others. When someone makes us feel bad, we deflect it by making someone else feel small.

We see it time and time again with children. Kindness breeds kindness. The opposite is also true.

Katie, I don’t know what has happened to you, I can’t begin to understand why you are hurting so very much, but know this. Your words are hurting you more than they hurt us. We natural parents are too busy loving our children to worry if you disagree. I hope you find what you need to let go of the anger consuming your thoughts, and to finally find some peace in your life.

You deserve happiness just as much as anyone else.


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