Pillow Talk Unschooling

We had some very deep pillow talk before bed last night, and it got me thinking how a lot of our big discussions and Little Cat’s big questions come at this quiet time just before drifting off to sleep. He doesn’t have any adult led scheduled lessons, we don’t try to imitate a school environment, we just take learning naturally as it comes.

With his innate curiosity, we get in to some pretty fascinating discussions.

Here is a sample of some of the questions we covered in just one bedtime:

LC (4): How is the sun made?

We talked about gasses and the big bang theory for around five minutes.

LC : How did the gas get made?

This one was very frustrating for him as I had to tell him that no one really knows. We touched on how some people believe in a god who created it, and then we talked about scientists and the work they are doing to get closer to finding out what happened before the big bang.

LC : How big is the sun? How big compared to us? Our house? Our world?

This led on to taking about other suns which are even bigger than ours.

LC : How are clouds made?

A long talk about evaporation and the water cycle, which somehow led on to how crocodiles hibernate when the rivers dry up in the dry season in Africa. Then the difference between hot and cold blooded animals. And finally, just as he was drifting off to sleep he asked how do people open up the earth to bury someone when they have died.

Pretty deep stuff isn’t it? That’s a lot of learning, completely self motivated by pure curiosity.

This is how unschooling works. Children are natural and voracious learners, all we have to do it let them follow their interests and they WILL learn. In just one bedtime we covered physics, religion, biology and so much more. And it was entirely directed by a four year old!


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Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici atFreeDigitalPhotos.net

2 thoughts on “Pillow Talk Unschooling”

  1. i like the idea of this, can I ask if eventually little cat will work towards formal qualifications. I know this is while away yet

    1. If he wants to and if he needs them for his chosen career path then we will support his desicion. We are lucky that we have local home ed groups nearby which offer tutoring for specific subjects in preparation for GCSE’s.

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