Get Misunderstood Monster For FREE!

Misunderstood Monster(This Offer Is Now Finished)

Misunderstood Monster just launched and in my excitement I have decided to give away twenty – YES TWENTY!! – kindle copies in exchange for a review on Amazon.

The only stipulation is that you must leave your review on either or within 7 days of receiving your email link.

I’m offering this on a first come first served basis, so if this sounds like a good deal to you, simply contact me here, stating the email address you would like it sent to, your country of residence and let me know whether you will be reviewing on, or both.

If you are in the first 20 to reach my inbox, I will send you a copy! (Mobi, epub and pdf)

Misunderstood Monster is my first children’s book, a story I wrote (and illustrated) after a conversation with my son and his friend who were playing a game with an “unkind monster.” I questioned how they knew he was unkind, and after some discussion they concluded that perhaps he was friendly after all. Just because he looked different, didn’t mean he was something to be feared.

The Shpiel:

When a boy bumps into a monster in the magical woods, he runs for his life. But he soon realises with the help of his woodland friends, that he may have made a hasty judgement.

A heartwarming tale of acceptance and friendship.



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  1. Hi!!!

    I want a copy of Misunderstood monster… Please!!!!



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