A Day in The Life of a Heavily Pregnant Naturally Parenting Mama

Welcome to the March 2015 Carnival of Natural Parenting: Day in the Life

This post was written for inclusion in the monthly Carnival of Natural Parenting hosted by Hobo Mama and Code Name: Mama. This month our participants have given us a special glimpse into their everyday.


I’ve done day/week in the life posts before, but not during the late stages of pregnancy. I have to let you in on a little secret before we get started – I am not good at pregnancy. Physically I struggle immensely, and as the months go by my ability to walk, bend, roll over, or move in any way greatly diminishes, causing me to slow right down. I am now 37 weeks pregnant and positively sluggish, so I thought I would share a glimpse into my current reality as I naturally parent my four year old son and wait for the arrival of my sweet baby. In this post I share one photograph an hour to chart what our day looks like…

9.15am – I’m woken by Little Cat talking in his sleep. He soon wakes, shuffles over to me and begins telling me all about his dreams. One about Saturn’s rings being sucked into a black hole and another about him sailing the Titanic across the Atlantic ocean with a crew of kittens. This gets very in depth and goes on for half an hour, until I get too hungry and have to ask him to get up and start getting ready.


10.15am – Making breakfast. LC is dressed, I am not – I was too hungry to delay any longer! LC eats two bananas, natural granola and natural yoghurt. I have granola and yoghurt with grapes and a cup of hot water. We have eaten granola and fruit for breakfast most days in recent months.

10.45am – LC jumps up and rushes over to continue work on his Titanic model which he and Daddy started last night. He decides it needs some green paint. I do a bit of writing and drink 3 cups of hot water as he works. A relative texts to ask “Have you had that baby yet?”

12.15pm – I have helped LC with some painting on his ship, showered and dressed, put on a load of washing, had a quick chat with Daddy over the phone and we are now at the beach!

When I’m not pregnant and hobbling we walk to the beach, but today we drove. I’m feeling tired and irritable already, and my hips are throbbing, but the sun is remarkably warm for March and I lay out my blanket and sit down to soak up some sunshine as Little Cat plays and digs.

2pm – Arrive back home to find the advanced copy of my new book has arrived – exciting!! Make and eat a quick lunch of leftover pasta bake, gherkins and fruit – not our usual lunch but yummy and filling nonetheless. LC strokes the guinea pigs while I quickly tidy the kitchen. He then helps to carry the clean washing upstairs and puts it in the dryer for me.

2.45pm – Exhaustion has set in. I collapse with a vat of raspberry leaf tea, a couple of books and my writing. LC settles down beside me to watch a Titanic documentary. (Yes he is verging on obsessed!)

4pm – Time for a snuggle and a few stories together on the sofa.

4.45pm – Daddy arrives home. He and LC go off together while I catch a quick 40 winks. It’s amazing how tired you can get just sitting in different places! This growing a baby is hard work!

6.45pm – LC has been in the bath playing for an hour whilst Daddy does some computer work and supervises. I go and say hi and then head to the kitchen to pop some potatoes in the oven for dinner.

7pm – I pour a freezing cold glass of sparkling spring water with tons of ice and lemon – my number one pregnancy craving this past month. I grab my sewing tin and sit down to mend a ripped jumper. LC is still in the bath – I listen to him laughing and chatting to Daddy as I work.

8pm – Dinner is ready! We all sit down together to eat at the table – baked potatoes, lots of salad and beans. I try and squeeze as many portions of fruit and vegetables into each meal as I can, and with snacks we usually eat 10 – 20 portions a day. After dinner Daddy clears up and LC feeds the guinea pigs.

8.40pm – Upstairs to get LC ready for bed – it’s my turn tonight. We get ready and go into the bedroom for a story. Then LC turns off the lamp and lies down after a massive cuddle and several kisses from both me and Daddy. Until last month I would get into bed with him and stay there until he fell asleep, (Daddy still gets in bed on his nights, and usually falls asleep with LC!) but with my giant bump I can no longer lie down straight after dinner, and sitting up was becoming increasingly painful for me and was distracting LC from falling asleep too. Now I sit on the birth ball at the end of the bed and stay there until he falls asleep. This has been a very smooth and gentle transition and he has been very understanding about it.

9.35pm – LC is asleep! I quietly leave the bedroom and come downstairs to spend some time with Daddy and relax. Once Daddy goes to bed I watch Call the Midwife. I tend to go up to bed around 1am, but after an entire night of insomnia a few days ago, I’ve been playing catch up and going to bed around 11.30pm instead.

So there you have it. Lots of sitting, lots of relaxation, but also lots of sweet moments spent with my lovely little boy. I’m really enjoying our time together at the moment, cherishing his last few days/weeks as an only child, knowing that everything is about to change and feeling very close to him as together we look forward to the arrival of our sweet baby! We are all so excited to meet her!


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14 thoughts on “A Day in The Life of a Heavily Pregnant Naturally Parenting Mama”

  1. Thanks for sharing a day in the life through pictures. It reminded me of what life was like almost 2 years ago when I was heavily pregnant with my second but had to at times force myself to be active with my toddler and fit in all the household chores, etc. I never had time to write on my blog in those days, so well done for that! It sounds like we share a similar parenting philosophy, including home education, EC, continuum parenting, etc. Nice to have connected with you

    1. It’s all a compromise really – I must admit I spend more time writing than I do on the housework, but luckily Daddy and LC are really good at picking up the slack! I have to remind myself that “This is temporary,” and I will be more physically able very soon. Thanks for commenting!

  2. You’ve taken some really nice photos here – I especially like the wake-up one and the sunlight streaming in as LC works on his Titanic model. Your dinner looks yummy and impressively healthy. Sounds like you’re doing a great job of self-care in your final weeks of pregnancy. Good luck with the new baby!

  3. What a lovely day! And pregnant no less. Pregnancy can be a bit of a struggle for me (or at least the last one was….). Congratulations on your newest baby and the last weeks of pregnancy and single child-hood! 🙂

  4. Congratulations on the new book – that is so exciting! And I’m totally jealous of your beach adventure. I want to live near water!!

  5. This was so lovely! I can totally relate to being pregnant and miserable. On the one hand, I loved being pregnant. On the other hand, that did not offset how physically awful I felt toward the end. It’s hard! I’m glad I didn’t have this post to do during my third trimester, or all the pictures would have been of me in bed. 😉 Home stretch, though — best wishes on your upcoming birth & meeting that little one!

    My husband was the one obsessed with the Titanic. 🙂 Maybe I should see if he can infect our boys with some interest in it. I think it’s fascinating as well!

    1. It is a great path in to so many learning areas – he is totally fascinated with it and it really inspires his imaginative play. I must admit, I feel like my brain is a little fried with all the titanic facts he loves to tell me though!

  6. What a lovely day! It’s great that you have a helper to put laundry in the dryer for you. I handled the last trimester relatively well (perhaps because I am tall but had only medium-sized babies) but I certainly did get tired while pregnant. Last year at this time, I was at almost the stage where you are now. The last days with your only child are sweet indeed, but watching him become a big brother will be wonderful, too!

    1. Oh, I am so looking forward to that first moment when he meets her – he is so very drawn to babies at the moment, kissing every one we meet, and can’t wait to have a sibling of his own. It makes my heart melt just to think of it.

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