Have I Gone Quite Mad?!

Have I gone quite mad?!

meme two the promiseYou could be forgiven for thinking so. This time eighteen months ago, I was making notes and drafting sections for a parenting book about babies. It is a book I hope I will one day complete, but not the book that I will be sharing with you all next Friday.

Instead, something happened that changed the course of everything. Life has many surprises in store for us, and what happened last year was a big one for our family.

As most of you know, our baby girl was born with chronic and completely unexpected health problems, which will always be a big part of our lives. Her condition is called chronic intestinal pseudo obstruction – intestinal failure to put it simply – and her bowel acts as if there is something blocking it, though there is nothing there. It is to do with the nerves or the muscles, we haven’t had the test to find out which, and is, as things stand, without cure. She is the most wonderful little person and we feel unbelievably fortunate to live in a time where there are medical interventions that have enabled her to not only survive, but to thrive.

But this post is not about the medical jargon.

It is about raw emotion. Last year, I discovered a level of darkness I had never known existed previously. I experienced the horrific reality of nearly losing her, not just once, but over and over again. Her last life threatening infection was just a month ago.

These wild emotions, the immense highs and devastating lows would have surely driven me mad if I hadn’t found a way to release them. I needed to express how it felt to love this child so much it hurt. And to face losing her on a daily basis. I had to get these overwhelming feelings out.

And so, the baby book was shelved, and instead, what emerged was a novel. It came together organically, from the heart, and though the story belongs to the characters, the emotions came from a place deep within my heart.

So, yes, parenting writer turned novelist may seem like a crazy and reckless move. It may be hard for you to come with me on this journey. But though this is in no way a how to book, it is about parenting. It is about the immeasurable and unconditional love we mothers have for our children. It is about the limits we will reach and go far beyond in our goal to keep them safe.

And yes, there is lots of continuum style parenting included, breastfeeding, baby-wearing and co-sleeping to name a few.

Over the coming few years, I plan to write several more novels, and perhaps even finish that baby book. Right now, I am simply going where the stories take me. I can’t guarantee where that will be, but what I can promise is that the messages I have always strived to put across with Love Parenting will always be present in all that I do.

The Promise will be released on Amazon Friday 15th July 2016.

The Promise (250 pages)


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5 thoughts on “Have I Gone Quite Mad?!”

  1. Wow! I’m not usually a novel reader but this falls right into my interests as a fellow continuum writer and reader.

    Keep up the great work, looking forward to read your book, and all the best for your little one! My girl is about the same age, and for us it’s the pregnancies at risk that rock our boat ❤

    1. Thank you Marie-Eve, I hope you’ll enjoy it. And I’m sorry you’ve also been through hard times with your family. I’m pleased to hear your daughter is doing well.

  2. Well done for seeing a positive way through what must have been and continue to be a horrific, emotional and exhausting time for you all.

  3. Well done for finding a positive way through what must continue to be a hugely emotional, exhausting and horrific time for you and your family. It is impossible to explain how much your children mean to you until you have them, and then they become your world, defining everything in it for better or worse. I hope your daughter is stable just now. Ali

    1. Thank you Ali, she is doing well for the moment, although she is cutting four teeth at once so not the happiest little person! I think when something like this happens you have to find something positive to hold onto. You can’t let it destroy you, you just have to go deep into your heart and find a way to survive the pain. Writing has been the key for me during all of this. It is so healing to put those feelings down on paper.

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