Misunderstood MonsterMisunderstood Monster

When a boy bumps into a monster in the magical woods, he runs for his life. But he soon realises with the help of his woodland friends, that he may have made a hasty judgement.

A heartwarming tale of acceptance and friendship.

Available in both paperback and kindle format.

Trust Me I'm A ToddlerTrust Me I’m A Toddler
A guide to anyone who wants to parent gently and peacefully through the toddler stage, creating lasting respect and acceptance within their families. It provides practical, loving and respectful solutions to the issues that parents may face during the toddler stage.

Covering subjects from biting and sharing, to tantrums and separation anxiety. It will help parents to move away from conventional parenting techniques, instead focusing on alternative ideas and tools that strengthen your bond with your child.

It’s time we got back to the simple and harmonious parenting nature intended.

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Tiny Book of Patience Cover

The Tiny Book Of Patience (ebook)

If there is one quality every parent hopes to possess and one virtue which will make parenting easier and more joyful, it is patience.

In The Tiny Book of Patience you will learn how to identify your biggest triggers, release your anger, let go of that unhealthy parenting guilt, and resolve difficult situations without losing your patience.

You will begin a lifelong journey of mindful parenting, bringing more peace and happiness to your home.

Patience isn’t something we are born with. It is something we all can achieve given the right tools.