The Tiny Book of Patience

Tiny Book of Patience CoverThe Tiny Book of Patience (ebook)

If there is one quality every parent hopes to possess and one virtue which will make parenting easier and more joyful, it is patience.

In The Tiny Book of Patience you will learn how to identify your biggest triggers, release your anger, let go of that unhealthy parenting guilt, and resolve difficult situations without losing your patience.

You will begin a lifelong journey of mindful parenting, bringing more peace and happiness to your home.

Patience isn’t something we are born with. It is something we all can achieve given the right tools.


“Ironically, The Tiny Book of Patience is perfect for the truly impatient, like myself. There is no fluff here. She pulls no punches, wastes no time, beats around no bushes. She knows parents are busy, so she gives us only what we need to take care of both ourselves and our kids. At only 36 pages, even the least patient of us can get through this book in no time and come out at the other end with a greater understanding of our and our kids’ needs and how to meet them. Does it get much better?

We’re going to mess up. We’re going to lose ourselves from time to time. Recognizing that in ourselves and reminding ourselves to do better next time, forgiving ourselves for what can only be described as our humanity is what mindfulness is all about. Sam doesn’t shame us for that humanity. She’s that parent, too. She’s one of us. She’s a friend who gets it in 36 short, but powerful pages. I’m grateful for her. Thanks, Sam.”

Amy Brown, Zen Parenting

Oh, if I could hug a book, I would be hugging this one right now. The Tiny Book of Patience will, in a nutshell, make you a better person. It offers practical tips for becoming a more patient parent, but the suggestions in it apply to all walks of life, not just parenting.

It shouldn’t take you more than an hour or two to read, which means it’s something you can revisit often, whenever you feel your patience wearing thin, and normal child behaviour rubbing against your (perfectly human) rough edges. In this book you’ll find advice on developing mindfulness, identifying the things that cause you to explode and how to break the habit there too. It talks about self care and finding ways to release your anger and adjust your pace.It reminds us of the value of rhythms and routines and boundaries, and how to make time to communicate with our children to allow for a happier, more peaceful life.

The Mother Magazine

A delightfully accessible reminder to all parents on the importance of patience and mindfulness when dealing with life’s daily stresses, which somehow often centre around the small people in our lives. We adore them, yet they push our buttons.

Why? What are the triggers that cause upset over spilled milk? How do we retain focus when all we see is red? How do we ensure our own needs are met, in order to be better able to meet the needs of our dependents?

Sam Vickery’s Tiny Book of Patience covers all this and more in just a few short pages. When we are stressed, we need volumes that cut to the chase, which is the well achieved aim of her direct and concise chapters.

JL Morse, Author