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Why We’re Still Co-sleeping With Our Five Year Old

*** I’ve put out more videos than articles lately so I thought with this one I would give you both a video and a written article to give you the option of choosing the one you prefer. Please let me know in the comments if you like having a transcript to go with the video, so I can do the same next time. ***

After filming my family bed video where I did a tour of our co-sleeping set up, it occurred to me that some people may be wondering why our five year old is still in the family bed rather than his own room.

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Cosleeping: Want to See Our Family Bed?

We are still co-sleeping with our five year old and one year old. Want to see how we do it?

Watch the video.


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Are You Ready For a Revolution?

Family on Beach with KiteFor a long time now I have been offering a copy of my book The Parenting Revolution to subscribers of my blog. I know so many of you have downloaded and read it and I hope it has been an enjoyable read for you. But now, I am so excited to announce that The Parenting Revolution is finally available on Amazon, Kobo, Nook and Smashwords for your e readers. It is still COMPLETELY FREE on all platforms except Amazon, and we are working on getting Amazon to price match too. (You can help with this by going to the Amazon links below, clicking on the link in the product details which says “tell us about a lower price,” and copying and pasting one of the free sources below in the box. I would be very grateful!)

Many people dislike reading on their computer and I hope that this will help others to find and enjoy it too. This new version is extended from the original PDF so grab yourself a copy to read the extras.

And since you guys were the first to read The Parenting Revolution and I have never had a place for you to leave reviews, it would mean so much to me if you could leave a short one on or for me, to let me know what you thought. As an author the best thing is being able to hear readers opinions of our work.

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This book shares the six simple parenting principles that will transform your family and your life.

Why am I giving this book away totally free? Because I want everyone to read it. I believe so passionately in the message of this book and I believe that if everyone knew the importance of these six principles, children would be happier, parenting would be more harmonious and many of the discipline issues families face today would simply fade away. Parenting in line with these principles helps children to reach their full potential in life, and grow into vibrant, healthy and most importantly happy adults. I believe that every family deserves to read this.


Is Natural Parenting a Fad?

As you wade through photographs of another Mum’s £2000 sling stash, or catch an oh so carefully planned glimpse of a ridiculously expensive custom made cloth bum, you could be forgiven for thinking that this whole “Natural parenting” movement is nothing but a poorly disguised cover for mass consumerism, more about making a fashion statement than it is about the baby.

To the casual onlooker it can seem utterly daunting and unattainable to be one of these “Natural parents,” and often the real message of the movement is distilled amongst the competition of the latest must have accessories.

Of course, for many of these mothers who become collectors of slings and nappies, it is a passion, a love and a hobby, one which brings them joy and compliments their parenting choices, but never overshadows the real importance – that of parenting their child lovingly and naturally.

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Should I let My Baby Play With a Machete?

When people first become acquainted with the Continuum Concept and natural, hunter gatherer style parenting, one question they all seem to become fixated with is the idea of babies playing with sharp knives, fire and even machetes. In her book, Jean Liedloff describes crawling babies investigating the area around an open pit, playing next to a fire and also handling machetes.

Quite understandably this is somewhat frightening to our Western sensibilities. Parents either make the decision to try and give their babies the freedom to take these risks, all the while hovering nervously and completely negating the point of “trusting” them to be safe, or they childproof and offer plastic toy versions, but feel they have somewhat failed their child by not being able to give them the trust they deserve.

So what should we do? As a natural parent should our babies be playing with machetes?

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