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The Continuum Concept And Choices For Children

It is a regular question I hear parents ask:

Should I give my child choices and if so, how often and in what circumstances?

It is a question that is answered in many extremes across the world of parenting advice, but how is the subject approached from a Continuum perspective?

Jean Liedloff once said on the subject of choice:

We give far too many choices and we give them far too early. It leads to frustration and fury and parents then trying to figure out why their children are so angry. We keep giving them more choices, saying, “well, what would you rather do?” and the children get even more furious because that’s what’s making them angry and they can’t explain themselves. As to alternatives to giving choices, it’s hard to take it out of context. Let’s just for the moment talk about one child and one parent. A mother at breakfast saying, “would you like to have rice crispies or corn flakes?” to a three-year-old should just put it down on the table, whatever she is serving. What the child needs — and it also happens to be more convenient for the parent — is to feel that the parent is authoritative, calm, self-reliant, and knows what she’s doing. She shouldn’t keep asking the child because at only two years old children don’t want to be expected to know what to do. They want the parent to know.”

To those who are not familiar with the Continuum Concept, this may come across as a particularly dictatorial style of parenting, preventing children from freedom over their own choices. However, freedom over ones self is an integral aspect of The Continuum Concept, so I want to delve further in to the way freedom and choices are approached from a Continuum perspective.

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Continuum Parenting and Attachment Parenting – What’s The Difference? (And What Is Love Parenting Really All About?)

So I posted a status on the Love Parenting facebook page yesterday asking what people understood to be the difference between Continuum and Attachment parenting…

And I heard crickets.

This wouldn’t be such an issue, except for the fact that these two parenting styles are what Love Parenting revolve around. Often these two labels can become confused, and people aren’t quite sure what makes them an attachment parent or a continuum parent. In fact, I had an email this week from someone claiming they didn’t count as AP because they didn’t co-sleep.

So lets look at these two parenting styles a bit closer and clear up some of the confusion surrounding them.

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