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Protecting Your Child from the Trauma of Medical Procedures.

20161114_135836Over the past 21 months, I have had the eye opening experience of being a parent to a child with a chronic medical condition. We have spent vast amounts of time as hospital inpatients, and as her voice I quickly learned how to advocate, speak up, protect and cocoon her from the potentially traumatic effects of being a “hospital baby.”

Together we have endured countless cannula placements, blood tests, surgeries, x rays, ultrasounds, lumber punctures and so much more. But through it all I have done my best to protect her, and though she has had to go through some very horrible experiences, she is (thankfully) always quick to bounce back.

In this article I want to share the lessons I have learned during the past two years, lessons which have saved our family and our daughter from unnecessary trauma and helped to give her the support she needed to come out of each hospital admission relatively untraumatised. These lessons can be transferred into any stressful situation, not just in a hospital environment, but whenever a child has to go through something which could potentially be very upsetting.

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Anger Management for Children – Part one

This is part one of a three part series on anger management for children. There are numerous reasons why a child may be experiencing feelings of intense anger, and the solutions are just as varied so it’s not something I want to rush through in one article.

In this first segment, I want to talk about looking inwardly at our own emotions and to do this, I’m going to start with a little story. Tell me if this strikes a chord within you.

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Why Children Don’t Want Praise

This is the first part of a two part series on praise. To read part two, click here

ID-10055768Children neither want nor need praise.

Let me just leave that statement hanging in the air so you can digest it for a moment.

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What Toys Do Children Really Need?

In a consumer driven world it is easy to see how we can get sucked in to the mindset of having to buy more and more for our children. There is a lot of pressure put on parents to aid their child’s development and challenge their cognitive abilities by purchasing the latest all singing, all dancing “educational” toy. And to top it all off, the advertisers have gone to great lengths to sink their claws directly into our little ones, to entice them into desiring their product and to ask for each and every item.

Though just five minutes before they were doing just fine without it, now it is a matter of life and death that they have this particular toy in their hands. Nothing less will do.

And yet, days, if not hours later, the toys all get forgotten, as the children turn their attention to the new enticing adverts for the things they don’t yet have.

It is a dangerous cycle, sending a strong message of consumerism, greed and waste to the mouldable young minds of our children.

But what should we as parents do? We don’t want to stunt their development and deny them learning opportunities, but it is obvious that this rampant consumerism is not working for either parent or child. The children complain that they have nothing to play with whilst surrounded by a room full of toys.

So What Toys Do Children Really Need?

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What To Do When Your Child Hits?

Hitting is one of those behaviours that can pop up commonly within children. The causes are wide and varied, but often we look to eliminate the behaviour in our children, without fully exploring the trigger.

Although hitting out is something that is widely accepted as being normal behaviour for children, it is possible to work through this issue quickly and gently, to prevent it continuing. In this short video I talk about not only the triggers, but how to deal with the underlying needs.

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