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The Slow Christmas – How to Stay Zen Over the Holidays

new-years-eve-1909061_640Back in the beginning of our lives as parents, my husband and I tried to keep up with what had become our traditional family Christmases. Both of us have split families, and people we needed (wanted) to see in different towns. As a result, we would take on a full three days of celebrating each year, starting Christmas eve and ending on Boxing day, with each of the parties going on until late at night.

At first we brought our newborn son along for the ride, and exhausting though it was, we never considered doing anything differently. Then when he was a few years old, my dad’s side of the family somehow added an extra day to the festivities. They wanted to have a sit down evening meal at a pub 45 minutes drive from our house on the night of the 23rd. Three days of madness turned into four days of exhaustion, and though we loved seeing everyone, we were too tired and stressed to really enjoy any of it. Our son suffered, missed out on sleep and became utterly overstimulated by the constant chaos.

Then our daughter came along and with most of her medical needs being taken care of in the early evening, we were suddenly provided with the perfect excuse to slow down. In doing so, we have discovered how rewarding slow family Christmases can be. In this article, I will share the big changes we made, along with the ways we help our little people cope with the intensity of Christmas celebrations.

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Why I Got Rid of All of My Son’s Christmas Toys

It’s midnight and I am wide awake, rushing around the house with a bin bag, filling it with toys, toys, toys. Since Christmas, we have been drowning in “stuff, ” and it has been stifling.

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Mummy, Why Do Grown Up’s Lie To Children? Santa From a Four Year Old’s Perspective

I took Little Cat for his bi-annual hair cut today. He hates to have his hair brushed, so whenever it reaches the stage where it starts to matt and tangle, we give him the choice of daily hairbrushes or a haircut. He always goes for the cut. We have been going to the same hairdressers since he first started getting hair cuts. He always has the same lady do it and she gives him a lolly pop afterwards.

He likes this lady and finds her funny, but each time we go he has a lot of questions afterwards about the things she says to him. This time was no different…

Hairdresser: You are being such a good boy. Well done!

LC: Stares at her looking confused.

Hairdresser: I expect you’ve been very good this year. Is Santa going to bring you lots of presents for Christmas?

LC: Shakes his head.

Hairdresser: Why not? Have you been a naughty boy?

LC: Looks up at me in bewilderment as if asking what he should do.

I step in: He doesn’t believe in Santa actually.

Hairdresser: Oh! Well I feel silly. You must think I’m a bit crazy!

LC: Nods his head and laughs.

We pay and leave.

LC: Mummy, why did that lady say all that stuff about Father Christmas?

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What’s In Little Cat’s Stocking?

This year we have decided to do a stocking for Little Cat (who is now three years old) and to begin with I really struggled with what to put in it. I don’t like buying for the sake of buying and a lot of the stocking fillers I have seen would be played with for five minutes before being forgotten and ignored. I also don’t like overwhelming him with stuff and I think it is important that he values what he has, so with that in mind I chose a few small gifts that I know he will get hours of use out of. The stocking is from us, not Father Christmas / Santa as we prefer to be honest with him.
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Letting Go Of Expectations To Bring Back The Magic…

Image: photostock / FreeDigitalPhotos.net********** This article was origianally posted on the 31st of December 2011 and was my first ever post for Love Parenting. Almost a year on I have decided to repost it in time for Christmas in the hope it helps you to bring some extra magic to your Christmas this year! Thank you all for your continued support with Love Parenting, it has been a wonderful year! Merry Christmas! **********

When I was a child, the magic of Christmas was tangible. The build up and excitement started weeks before and every twinkly light and Christmas carol made my heart soar. I don’t know when it started to change but somewhere along the path to adulthood, I lost the magic. Christmas still looked the same, we decorated the tree, watched the Christmas movies, gathered the family together, but it all felt wrong.

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