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Why We’re Still Co-sleeping With Our Five Year Old

*** I’ve put out more videos than articles lately so I thought with this one I would give you both a video and a written article to give you the option of choosing the one you prefer. Please let me know in the comments if you like having a transcript to go with the video, so I can do the same next time. ***

After filming my family bed video where I did a tour of our co-sleeping set up, it occurred to me that some people may be wondering why our five year old is still in the family bed rather than his own room.

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Cosleeping: Want to See Our Family Bed?

We are still co-sleeping with our five year old and one year old. Want to see how we do it?

Watch the video.


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You’re Finally Sleeping Through The Night. And I Miss You.

I have waited for three years and eight months for this day to come. There have been nights where I was reduced to a quivering tearful wreck, nights where I didn’t think I would make it to morning, that sheer exhaustion would kill me first. Nights where I’ve sat upright for hours on end as your little newborn tummy digested your milk, knowing that if I dared to lay flat you would empty the contents of your stomach over the both of us.

Nights where you screamed and I couldn’t find a reason, couldn’t soothe you, could only comfort you through the mystery ailment. And nights where I sat vigil at your side, when your breathing ran ragged with the croup we soon learned to fear, unable to sleep, unable to switch off, just waiting for those moments when you would stir and call out “Mummy,” and I would be right there waiting to hold you and ease you back to sleep.

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Why Are We So Afraid of Attachment?

“So you’re still breastfeeding him?”
“And he’s nearly four?”
“And did I hear you say he sleeps in your bed too?”
“You might have done.”
“Oh my. You know, you have to let him go at some point. It’s just not healthy to keep him smothered like that. It’s not good for him! And I dread to imagine the state of your marriage!”

Did the above conversation feel familiar to you? Perhaps you’ve heard the same worries from a multitude of people over and over again?

They are concerned. They worry you are creating a narcissistic psychopath who is going to end up on the news all because he breastfed and co-slept until he was five. I get it, I really do. This fear is pushed on us from every which way. Independence is championed and our children will never gain that independence if we don’t push them towards it, right?

Well, no actually, this fear based belief is utterly wrong.

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