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The Key to A Peaceful Home (And 3 Ways We Keep Ourselves Locked Out)

***This is a guest post written by Shannon Wasie***

First Night Akron 2015

We feel it deep. A craving, a desperate need for peace. Peace.

The violence, hatred, political, ecological and humanitarian distress in our world can be tremendously heavy.

And then, we read the studies and our intuition confirms: the peace we crave begins at home.

The violence of abusive parenting breeds violence in the hearts and bodies of the next generation. And what’s more, it seems the innate rejection experienced under hyper-critical, shame-based parenting does the same.

We need peace. Wild peace. Wholeness. Healing.

We need peaceful homes.


How, when the ten thousand demands on us are pulling us to shreds?

When our finances are in disarray, and our children are driving us mad?

When our relationships with our partners are full of conflict and pain?

How can we possibly find peace?

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When The Walls Start Closing In…

12512619_1274466659235388_4088455213937508460_nThe walls are closing in around me. My five year old has been whining with neverending stamina from the moment he woke up. “I don’t want… Why can’t I? I don’t like… Can you… Can you… Can you?!”

The baby is overtired, resisting a nap and covered in shit for the third time in as many hours. I’ve only been awake four hours, and already I’ve reached my limit.

Tiredness, hunger, incessant noise and a feeling of intense monotony combine to make me feel weak, impatient and shackled, a prisoner inside unchanging walls.

I need freedom.

And so I tell my son we are going out. “No,” he says. “It’s too windy, I’m too tired.”
“Yes,” I told him. “We need this.”

I bundle the baby in the sling, putting her hat on. She calms immediately, sensing the promise of freedom close enough to touch. She needs this too.

We walk, the wind blowing against our cheeks, sweeping our stress away piece by piece. There is a world outside my four walls, something all too easy to forget from behind our closed door.

I sit, staring at the sea. The crashing waves remind me how tiny I am, how insignificant my problems in the grand scheme of things. There are people out there, across that dark swirling ocean who would literally saw off their arm to trade places with me. To have my problems. To have access to the medical care which enables my daughter to thrive.

I am lucky.

I remember what it means to be a mother. I am powerful. I am strong, I am capable of moving mountains for these little people, to them I am no ordinary human. I am a goddess.

The wind whips my face and I smile into it, the sound of my son’s laughter ringing in my ears. I won’t be beaten. I can do this.

We head home and the craziness resumes. But this time, I don’t break.



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Coming Full Circle

Well my friends, it’s been a rollercoaster of epic proportions for our family this year. After my daughter was rushed into hospital at just two days old, life as we knew it was turned upside down, utterly transformed from the peaceful and happy reality we had been living up until then. I can’t pretend to have sailed through this experience with grace and patience. There have been some big challenges and I have faltered and failed time and time again.

As a parent, I have been pushed to my limits, and gone far beyond them more times than I would like to admit. I have reacted to my four year old and his behaviour with anger and frustration. I have shouted. I have been ashamed of myself and wondered many times why I couldn’t figure out how to handle a particular situation.

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Happy New Year! My Gift to You…

Tiny Book of PatienceHappy New Year lovely readers! I hope 2014 was wonderful for you and that 2015 gets even better. I know that at this time of year, many of us are reflecting on how to make positive changes in our lives and how to reduce conflicts and frustrations in our parenting. For a lot of parents, the resolution they most want to keep is to become more patient and empathetic with their children.

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Readers of Trust Me, I’m a Toddler will know that I like to get straight to the point and provide useful techniques that the busy parent can delve straight in to without having to read between the lines. I cover a huge amount in this Tiny Book. Below is a list of the chapters included within it:

Chapters List:

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