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The Slow Christmas – How to Stay Zen Over the Holidays

new-years-eve-1909061_640Back in the beginning of our lives as parents, my husband and I tried to keep up with what had become our traditional family Christmases. Both of us have split families, and people we needed (wanted) to see in different towns. As a result, we would take on a full three days of celebrating each year, starting Christmas eve and ending on Boxing day, with each of the parties going on until late at night.

At first we brought our newborn son along for the ride, and exhausting though it was, we never considered doing anything differently. Then when he was a few years old, my dad’s side of the family somehow added an extra day to the festivities. They wanted to have a sit down evening meal at a pub 45 minutes drive from our house on the night of the 23rd. Three days of madness turned into four days of exhaustion, and though we loved seeing everyone, we were too tired and stressed to really enjoy any of it. Our son suffered, missed out on sleep and became utterly overstimulated by the constant chaos.

Then our daughter came along and with most of her medical needs being taken care of in the early evening, we were suddenly provided with the perfect excuse to slow down. In doing so, we have discovered how rewarding slow family Christmases can be. In this article, I will share the big changes we made, along with the ways we help our little people cope with the intensity of Christmas celebrations.

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Why is My Child So Angry? Anger Management for Children ~ Part Two


This is part two in the Love Parenting series on Anger Management for Children. In part one we looked at working on ourselves. Going inwards and creating an atmosphere of calm. Finding more patience and meeting our own needs. You can watch/read part one here if you missed it.

In this section, we are going to look at the many reasons why our children might feel angry. When our children experience strong feelings of anger, it can be very scary for us as parents to witness. We don’t like to see our children so out of control and it can be terrifying for us to watch them feeling so furious when we can’t understand where that anger is coming from, what the cause is and what we can do to help them.

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Anger Management for Children – Part one

This is part one of a three part series on anger management for children. There are numerous reasons why a child may be experiencing feelings of intense anger, and the solutions are just as varied so it’s not something I want to rush through in one article.

In this first segment, I want to talk about looking inwardly at our own emotions and to do this, I’m going to start with a little story. Tell me if this strikes a chord within you.

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The Natural Parenting Book That Will Transform Your Relationship With Your Toddler

The Kindle edition of Trust Me I’m a Toddler is usually sold at £6.60/$10.07, but is currently available at just £3.87/$5.87. I have not yet decided how long it will stay at this price so grab a copy now if you want to be guaranteed this price! If you enjoy it, I would really love if you could pop over to Amazon and leave me a review.

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Trust Me, I’m a Toddler  is a guide for anyone who wants to parent gently and peacefully through the toddler stage, creating lasting respect and acceptance within their families.

It provides practical, loving and respectful solutions to the issues that parents may face during the toddler stage and aids parents in continuing (or introducing) the principles of Attachment and Continuum parenting within their family life.

This book covers subjects from biting and sharing, to tantrums and separation anxiety. It will help parents to move away from conventional parenting techniques which damage the parent child relationship, instead focusing on alternative ideas and tools that strengthen your bond with your child.

Often parents find that after the simplicity of attachment and continuum parenting in the first year, the issues that come up in the toddler stage can cause complications and uncertainty within their parenting.

Parents tend to take a number of different paths at this time, and this guide is intended to help you stay on track and continue to parent gently, respect your child’s needs, and help to make the journey through toddlerhood smooth and enjoyable rather than something to endure.

“I love how simply put everything is and I have read through it many times in the past few months, going back every time I need a little reminder or pick-me-up.”

I firmly believe that our children are worthy of our trust and our respect, and that in giving this to our children unconditionally, they will prove us right. Evolution has not designed us as a species to be constantly in conflict with our children. The conventional rules of parenting have led us down the wrong path.

It’s time we got back to the simple and harmonious parenting nature intended.

Dealing With Pre-schooler Meltdowns: Pressing The Reset Button

ID-10075518We had a major meltdown from Little Cat (3) in the woods today. We had been talking all morning about going for a walk. We had packed a picnic together. He had been excited and decided to bring his dinosaur backpack to carry the camera in so he could take photographs along the way. We arrived at the forest. He jumped out of the car and ran joyfully up a hill.

We began walking, I was soaking up the bliss of being surrounded by nature.

Then, suddenly, it all went drastically to pot. Little Cat began to cry and scream. “I don’t want to go for a walk! I’m too tired. I want to go home, I can’t do it!!!”

He got himself in such a state we thought he was going to be sick. It was a very out of character reaction from him, though this past few weeks he has been working through some really big emotions so we weren’t taken completely by surprise. There was no apparent trigger, though after a bit of reflection when it had all cooled down I think it was a combination of starting the walk with an uphill slope (all be it a gentle incline) and him knowing that there was a play area nearby which he had secretly been wanting to go on first. But at the time, we were stumped.

We walked on for a bit, we stayed calm and tried to distract him, but all the while he got more and more angry and upset. He could barely talk he was crying so hard. So we stopped, we talked about what we were doing and why. We explained how much Mummy and Daddy needed to have a walk, how we could all do with some fresh air and exercise. We cuddled, and we empathised with him, we asked him what he needed and why he was feeling so sad, yet he was still firm in his wish not to walk.

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